Pressure Transmitter


eYc P041 Pressure Transmitter

Sensor type:Piezoresistive diaphragm
Measuring range:Relative pressure:10 bar
Output:4 ... 20 mA ; 2-wire
Linear accuracy:±0.3% of F.S.
●Additional option(ILAC/TAF)Test report - Standard calibration laboratory (TAF accreditation:3032, using ISO / IEC 17025)

eYc SD03 Industrial Grade Integrated Indicator Transmitter Series

Feature : Industrial-grade Metal Meter Can be connected to a 2-wire transmitter / Anti-interference Design / Multiple Input Type
Input : 4 ... 20 mA DC Temperature / Pressure / Differential pressure / Flow
Display range : -1999 ... +9999
Accuracy : 0.2 % F.S

eYc SD06-T Industrial Grade Integrated Indicator Temperature Transmitter

High-performance Integrated Indicator Transmitter with Anti-interference Design
Output:4 ... 20 mA
Display range:-9999 ... 99999
●Additional option:(ILAC/TAF)Test report-Standard calibration laboratory (TAF accreditation:3032, complying with ISO/IEC 17025)
TAF has mutual recognition arrangement with ILAC MRA

HUBA 692 differential pressure transmitter

HUBA 528 OEM type Pressure Transmitter

HUBA 520 Relative Pressure Transmitter

HUBA 699 differential pressure transmitter

HUBA 525 industrial pressure transmitter

HUBA 511 pressure transmitter

HUBA 711 Level sensing pressure transmitter

GREISINGER Pressure measuring transducer GMUD MP

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