Delta OHM


DeltaOHM HD52.3D serie – 2 axis ultrasonic anemometer

DeltaOHM HD35 Wireless Data Logger System

DeltaOHM HD2110L Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter

DeltaOHM HD37AB1347 Datalogger for IAQ analysis

DeltaOHM HD32.3A – WBGT, PMW, PPD measurement

DeltaOHM DO9847 Portable Multifunction Data-Logger Instrument

Features :
★ Multifunctional handheld board instrument and
★ Can be measured: temperature, humidity, pressure, differential pressure, wind speed, illuminance, brightness, radiation intensity, mv, ma, etc.
★ Novel structure design, simple button operation
★ Can be connected to dozens of measuring probes
Measurement data can be stored at any time, recalled, large screen display.
★ Can also be connected to a PC to download data.