• DeltaOHM DO9847 Portable Multifunction Data-Logger Instrument

DeltaOHM DO9847 Portable Multifunction Data-Logger Instrument

Features :
★ Multifunctional handheld board instrument and
★ Can be measured: temperature, humidity, pressure, differential pressure, wind speed, illuminance, brightness, radiation intensity, mv, ma, etc.
★ Novel structure design, simple button operation
★ Can be connected to dozens of measuring probes
Measurement data can be stored at any time, recalled, large screen display.
★ Can also be connected to a PC to download data.
Model : DeltaOHM DO9847

DeltaOHM-DO9847 is a multifunctional handheld board instrument and datalogger.

It is provided with a 128x64 pixel (56x38 mm) graphic display and three Independent inputs. Each input can be connected to one channel or two channel dual probes (ex. two thermocouples, relative humidity/temperature, etc.).

The instrument automatically acknowledges SICRAM probes connected to the input (memory equipped and confi gurable intelligent probe). Functions: watch, hold, max., min., average, record, immediate or deferred start record logging, difference between the two inputs, relative measures, three input channel measurement and inside reference temperature display. Sampling time: one per second/input.

Probe calibration through SICRAM module; calibration data permanent storage inside the probe. Storage capacity: 32.000 readings per input.

Storage interval and printing can be confi gured between one second and 1 hour. RS232C serial output: from 300 up to 115.200 baud rate. Immediate or deferred print-out.

Stored data can be displayed and stored data blocks can be deleted. Automatic shutout after 8 minutes can be disabled. Units of measurement can be selected according to the physical quantity of the connected probe.

Firmware update through RS232C serial port. Different types of SICRAM mod-ules or probes can be connected to the input: Platinum sensor temperature, ther- mocouple, relative humidity/temperature, Discomfort index, continuous voltage (±20V), current (0…24mA), pressure, air speed and light.

Power supply:

Battery: 4 1.5V AA alkaline batteries; operating time with high quality batteries: about 60 hours.

Mains: through 9Vdc, 250mA external power supply, 2 pole connector.

Operating conditions:

Working temperature: -10...+50°C.

Storage temperature: -25...+65°C.

Relative Humidity: 0...90%R.H., not condensing.

- LCD display: 128x64 pixel (56x38 mm) graphic LCD.

- Keyboard: 18 multifuction Keys and 3 function keys. - Recorded data safety: independently from batteries charging conditions.

- Measured values storage: on 16 files divided into 16-sample pages.

- Quantity: 32.000 samples per input channel.

- Storage interval: 1 s...1 h. Time and date, real time. Accuracy: 1 minute/month maximum error margin.

- Serial interface: RS232C type galvanically insulated SUB D 9 male connector.

Baud rate: 300...115.200 baud.

Data bit: 8.

Parity: none.

Stop bit: 1.

Flow control: Xon/Xoff.

RS232C cable max.length: 15 m.

- immediate printing interval: 1 s...1 h.

- Firmware can be updated through PC using the instrument serial port.

- Probes connections: n° 3 DIN45326 8 pole connectors

- Dimensions and weight: 245x100x50 mm - 300 gr.

- Case: ABS - Protection: rubber.