• FLUIDWELL M853 Data Acquisition & Communication Module
  • FLUIDWELL M853 Data Acquisition & Communication Module

FLUIDWELL M853 Data Acquisition & Communication Module

Signal Inputs
‧4 (isolated) analog inputs.
‧3 digital status-/pulse inputs.
‧1 potentiometer input.
‧Modbus communication protocol (RS485 / RS232).
‧SDI-12 communication protocol.
Signal Outputs
‧Data outputs
‧GPRS data communication through TCP, FTP and/or email.
‧Full control through the web-portal or the Process View software.
‧Process alarms and system alerts by SMS.
Model : FLUIDWELL M853

M853 is an ultra-low power “all-in-one” Data Acquisition & Communication Module including data logging, designed for a wide-range industrial applications. The M853 can be fully configured according to your process requirements. No additional signal converters / amplifiers, encapsulating cabinet or other electrical installation material necessary. Shortly: As long as your sensor, instrument, (field) device or other equipment has an analog output, you can take advantage of Process Monitor.

The M853 is in full compliance with the Process Monitor Web portal or Process View stand-alone software package for visualization, data history, trend graphics and/or extensive alarming.

Entirely autonomous monitoring and data logging solution independent from local infrastructure suitable for off-grid or hard to reach locations using 2G (GPRS), 3G (UMTS) or 4G communications with DC power, battery or solar panel power options.
Easy and time saving configuration through local USB 2.0 port and bright and clear terminal interface (no code input!) or remotely, even when the M853 has a public, dynamic IP address.
Flexible freedom in data communication by HTTP, TCP, FTP and/or e-mail. Alerts and alarms by SMS directly from the M853. Extensive alarm capabilities with E-mail and SMS through Process Monitor web-portal.
Universal and versatile applicable for different kind of sensors and instruments through 4 analog, 3 digital status-/pulse inputs and optional ASCII, Modbus RTU and SDI-12 communication protocol.
Reduce maintenance costs and service time as even the optional internal battery will last for 3 - 8 years.
Better cause-effect retrieval with increased log interval and alarming when set point is triggered.
Resistant to harsh environments, not a DIN-rail mounted module but an “all-on-board” module in a GRP field mount enclosure IP68 (30 min.@2 meters).