• HONSBERG OMNI-P1 Pressure transmitter with LCD

HONSBERG OMNI-P1 Pressure transmitter with LCD


The OMNI-P1 pressure transmitter / switch is intended for the measurement of static and dynamic pressures in liquids and gases. It consists of a pressure cell as a sensor, and an integrated transformer.
The sensor is an economical ceramic cell with a temperature compensated measuring bridge using thick film technology. It is protected from damage because of its non-flush construction, and is built extremely robustly.
The pressure present is shown in the display and output as an analog signal (0/4..20 mA or 0/2..10 V). In addition, if set limit values are fallen short of or exceeded, this can be signalled by means of two switching outputs and a red LED.
Because the complete upper part of the housing can be turned, it is possible to simply and infinitely adjust the display and the cable outlet. By turning the programming ring to right or left, it is simple to modify the parameters (e.g. switching point, hysteresis...). To protect from unintended programming, it can be removed, turned through 180 °, and replaced, or completely removed, thus acting as a key.

Sensor : ceramic cell with measuring bridge using thick film technology
Process connection : male thread G 1/4 A, G 1/2 A
Measurement ranges : 0~100 bar ; 0~1450psi
Working temperature : -20..+70 °C
Storage temperature : -20..+80 °C
Supply voltage : 18..30 V DC
Power consumption : < 1 W
Analog output : 0/4..20 mA or 0 / 2..10 V
Display : backlit graphical LCD-Display ; range -20..+70 °C
Ingress protection : IP 67

● Analog output, two switching outputs
● Clear, easily legible, illuminated LCD display
● Modifiable units in the display
● Designed for industrial use