• LAMBRECHT 08121 Air Pressure Sensor

LAMBRECHT 08121 Air Pressure Sensor

Model : LAMBRECHT 08121

Absolute pressure is measured inside the cost effective, practical and robust standard housing. The technical design enables the on site changeover of the measuring range, as well as the choice of the output signal. This universally applicable sensor is the right solution for price conscious customers. It distinguishes itself through its low maintenance and easy operation.
· cost effective
· OEM variant with 3 modes of operation
· applicable with/ on data loggers in energy-saving mode (e.g. solar operation)
· 1 instrument with 2 ranges of pressure measurement and 3 standard outputs - adjustable with plug-in jumpers

Measuring range: 500 ... 1100 hPa/600 ... 1100 hPa/switchable to 800 ... 1100 hPa

Accuracy:±1 hPa within the range -10 ... +60°C/< ±2 hPa within the range -20 ... -10°C
Resolution:0.1 hPa
Supply voltage:DC 12 ... 30 V (Current output)/DC 5 ... 30 V (Voltage output)
IP rating:IP66

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