Model : LAMBRECHT THP[pro]NAV 08095

The sensor for maritime use is a measuring instrument for measuring relative humidity, air temperature and air pressure. The sensor is characterized by high accuracy and a power-saving electronic. The sinter filter reliably protects the capacitive measuring element from air pollutants.
· combined measuring instrument for high-quality maritime use
· capacitive humidity measuring element
· low maintenance
· special resistance to air pollutants
· signal output: RS-422/Talker • NMEA • Modbus
· for use in all climatic zones
· suitable sensor shelter typ 8141.62 (recommended option)

Meas. range air temperature:-40...+70°C
Meas. range rel. humidity:0 ... 100%RH
Meas. range barometric pressure:500...1100 hPa
Accuracy air temperature:±0.1 K(0 ... 60°C)/±0.2 K(-40 ... 0°C)
Accuracy rel. humidity:±1.5%(0 ... 80%)RH/±2%(>80%)RH/Reaction time relative humidity (at v = 1,5 m/s):30 sec
Accuracy barometric pressure:±2 hPa(-30 ... +70°C)/±1 hPa(-10 ... +60°C)/±0.5 hPa(at 25°C)
Resolution air temperature:0.1°C
Resolution rel. humidity:0.1%RH
Resolution barometric pressure:0.1 hPa
Supply voltage:DC 4.8 ... 33 V
IP rating:IP65(Housing)

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