Plastic housing


HONSBERG OMNI-T Temperature transmitter

eYc PMD330 Differential Pressure Transmitter (Indoor)

Feature:Silicon chips on differential pressure module of MEMS integration technology
Input:Piezoelectric differential pressure module
Output:4 ... 20 mA / 0 ... 10 V
Measuring range:±50 ... ±10000 pa
Accuracy:±2.0% of F.S.

HUBA 620/625 Relative pressure switch

Range:-4 ... -900 mbar / 2 ... 6000 mbar

GREISINGER Finest manometer GMH 3161-07

HUBA 501 Pressure transmitter

HONSBERG OMNI-P1 Pressure transmitter with LCD

HONSBERG OMNI-XF Flow transmitter with LCD

GREISINGER Atmospheric oxygen transducer OXY 3690 MP

GREISINGER pH-transmitter with display GPHU 014 MP

GREISINGER Universal conductivity meter GMH 3431