• PR 4179 Universal AC / DC transmitter

PR 4179 Universal AC / DC transmitter

Model : PR 4179


The 0...5 AAC RMS range makes it possible to accurately measure a typical current transformer.

The 0...300 VAC RMS range allows accurate supply voltage monitoring.

The 4179 measures standard input ranges, and can be freely configured to customer-defined input range.

Converts narrow AC current / voltage inputs to wide bipolar or unipolar outputs, e.g. 0...1 VAMS input = ±10 volt or 4...20 mA output with a minimum span of 0.5 AAC RMS or 0.5 VAC RMS.

The detachable 45xx displays provide enhanced diagnostics.

Configurable input limits control the output value for increased safety.

The 4179 has been designed according to strict safety requirements and is therefore suitable for application in SIL 2 installations.


Technical characteristic

The latest analog and digital techniques are used to obtain maximum accuracy and immunity to interference.

Possibility of output safety feedback by selecting S4...20 mA output.

The current output can drive up to 800 Ohms, with an adjustable response time of 0.0…60.0 seconds.

Exceptional mA output load stability of <0.001% of span / 100 Ohm.

Meets the NAMUR NE21 recommendations, ensuring high accuracy in harsh EMC environments.

Meets the NAMUR NE43 recommendations, allowing the control system to easily detect an input error.

Tested to a high 2.3 kVAC, 3-port galvanic isolation level.

Excellent signal to noise ratio of > 60 dB.

Mounting / installation / programming

Very low power consumption means units can be mounted side by side without an air gap – even at 60°C ambient temperature.

Configuration, monitoring, 2-point process calibration and more are accomplished using PR's 45xx detachable displays.

All programming can be password-protected.

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