• PR 4501 Display/Programming Front ( for 4114/4116/4131)

PR 4501 Display/Programming Front ( for 4114/4116/4131)

Model : PR 4501


  • Communications interface for modification of operational parameters in system PR 4000 and PR 9000 devices.
  • Can be moved from one device to another of the same type and download the configuration of the first device to subsequent devices.
  • Fixed display for visualization of process data and status.

    Technical characteristics

  • LCD display with 4 lines featuring scrolling help text in 7 languages which guides the user effortlessly through all the configuration steps.
  • Programming access can be blocked by assigning a password. The password is saved in the device in order to ensure a high degree of protection against unauthorized modifications to the configuration.

    Mounting / Installation

  • Click PR 4501 onto the front of the device mounted in the process.
  • The display module PR 4501 is approved and certified as an add-on component to the PR 4000 and PR 9000 series of devices. For more information on the PR 4501 refer to the manual of the specific device in the PR 4000 or PR 9000 series where the PR 4501 is attached.

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