• Schmidt SS 20.515 Flow Sensor
  • Schmidt SS 20.515 Flow Sensor

Schmidt SS 20.515 Flow Sensor

Model : Schmidt SS 20.515

Flow sensor with an integrated transducer for flow measurement of air, specially designed for the monitoring of the laminar airflow in cleanroom installations.

Optimized sensor head resulting in widely independent direction characteristics. Cleanroom suitable design according to GMP standard.

Special mounting adaptors allow mounting in nearly any cleanroom ceiling system.


•        Laminar flow monitoring in cleanrooms and sterile bottling machines

•        Flow monitoring in the production of pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, food and optical products

•        Flow control in isolators, filter-fan-units, flow boxes

Product advantages

•        Design according to GMP

•        Independent of flow direction

•        High precision

•        Long-term stable signal

•        Calibration certificate available

•        Easy mounting