• Schmidt SS 20.650 Flow Sensor

Schmidt SS 20.650 Flow Sensor

Model : Schmidt SS 20.650

Flow measurement at high temperature and pressure

The measurement of the flow velocity and/or the volume flow at higher temperatures up to +350 °C is very important in many fields with regard to energy efficiency, quantity detection and system control. The requirements of the stationary flow sensor are very high. The following properties are relevant for the sensor selection:

Mechanical robustness
The sensor is exposed to high temperatures and forces due to the gas flow. Due to the sometimes very difficult installation sites, special importance must be given to a long and maintenance-free operating time. Sensors without wearing parts are particularly economic.

Exact and long-term stable measuring values
You need to rely on a correct quantity detection of gases. Even after using the device for years, the measuring values must be correct like on the first day. A “drift” of the zero point or the measuring value in the course of time is not allowed. Cross sensitivities, such as pressure or temperature variations must not influence the measurement results.

Different installation sites
No two installation sites are alike and the possible installation sites often are very limited. Thus, the sensor must offer various mounting lengths or a sensor element that also allows a suboptimal orientation in the flow. Also the size of the sensor is important - the bigger it is the more limitation must be considered for the installation site.

Wide flow measuring range
Due to the different operating conditions or duty cycles, the flow sensor must record minimum and maximum volume flows with maximum accuracy.

Temperature recording
In flow measurement the temperature is another interesting measured variable and recording and evaluating it at the same time offers advantages.