The IBS and ICS series offer the ideal solution for industrial automation equipment in applications where space is limited, including tool selection, textile machines, and control of micro-mechanisms.
The advanced electronics is enclosed in a compact, robust stainless steel housing. The extended sensing range, together with the integrated short-circuit, reverse polarity and transients protection makes this sensor extremely reliable. Thanks to the on-board IO-Link communication, many combinations of functions are now available from output configurations to customized sensing distance and advanced sensing modes.
The IBS04 and ICS05 are also characterized by a very high switching frequency up to 6 kHz for applications where fast detection is a must.

The IBS and ICS series are among the smallest inductive sensors with on-board IO-Link communication available on the market. Each device can be easily configured by setting the internal parameters via an IO Link master.

The range includes
• ø4, M5 and M8 stainless steel housings
• Sensing distance from 0.8 mm up to 4 mm
• Flush or non-flush versions
• M8-plug or cable versions
• Advanced diagnostic functions with indication of shortcircuit and overload

Fully configurable via IO-Link v1.1
• Configurable output: NO, NC, PNP, NPN, push-pull
• Adjustable switching distance: 62% (50% for ICS08), and 100% of the maximum sensing distance
• Adjustable hysteresis: standard and extended
• Single point, two-point or window mode
• Timer functions: Turn On delay and Turn Off delay
• Temperature alarms

Rotational speed monitoring
By setting the sensor in frequency detection and window mode it is possible to check overspeed and underspeed conditions of a cycling mechanism.

RPM counter
The divider function allows the user to set how many activations are needed to change the output.
By setting this value equal to the number of teeth of a gear, the inductive sensor becomes an RPM counter.

Easy mechanical customization to specific OEM requests
Different cable lengths and materials, customized labelling and pig-tail solutions with special cables and connectors are possible on request.

Please contact the sales for details.