• Systec Controls deltaflowC Mass Flow Meter for Gases

Systec Controls deltaflowC Mass Flow Meter for Gases

Model : Systec Controls deltaflowC

The principle of deltaflowC-pitot tube and deltaflowC-Venturi are based on the differential pressure measurement. Integrated temperature and pressure sensors make sure that there is a precise measurement also with changes of process data. Thus the deltaflowC compensates the effect on the flow related to changes in temperature and pressure.
Accuracy (0 ... 40°C): 4% of m.v. from 10% of flow range (Standard type)
                 4% of m.v. from 7% of flow range (High accuracy type (calibrated))
                 2% of m.v. from 15% of flow range (High accuracy type (calibrated))
Principle of measurement: Differential pressure principle, compensation of absolute pressure and temperature.
Measured variables: (turbulent) Volume- / mass flow, temperature, static pressure
Media: Air, gases (non explosive, non corrosive)
Range of measurement: 1:25 (4 ranges); 1:7 (with one range)

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