Humid. Standard Calibration Laboratory

Humid. Standard Calibration Laboratory

ILAC|TAF (ISO/IEC 17025) Accredited No. 3032


■ Features

● Single point & space calibration:
    Temperature:0°C … +69.5°C;Smallest Uncertainty (Single point):0.11°C ... 0.17°C/(Space):0.24°C ... 0.77°C
    Relative humidity:10 … 95%RH;Smallest Uncertainty (Single point):0.54%RH ... 0.69%RH/(Space):0.55%RH ... 2.20%RH
● Low uncertainty, quickly repeat testing, suitable for calibration of the temperature & humidity/dew point instrument

■ Humidity Calibration Condition

Remote type (e.g. eYc THM803 Industrial Grade High Accuracy Temperature & Humidity Transmitter, Remote Type)
Probe type:More than 24 cm (e.g. eYc THM802 Industrial Grade High Accuracy Temperature & Humidity TransmitterDuct Type)
Integral type:The volume within Width 40 cm/Height 35 cm/Depth 20 cm.

(2) Suggestions:

Integral type:With self-recording, function for RS-485/RS-232 or external meter display.(e.g. eYc THS301 Multifunction Temp. & Humid. Transmitter, Indoor Type), thermo-hygrograph recorder.
* For all the above items, the non-eYc products must be accompanied by the instrument operating manual.
*Need to inform the clear calibration point (Temperature and Humidity) (eg: 23°C 40%, 20°C 60%)

■ Calibration system architecture diagram

Humid.. Standard Calibration Laboratory
■ Accredited capabilities

Working standard
Dew Point Mirror RH systems 473
Dew Point Mirror RH systems 473
Scope of accreditation
Temperature:0°C ... 69.5°C ; Relative humidity:10%RH ... 95%RH
Smallest Uncertainty
Single point calibration Temperature:0.11°C ... 0.17°C;Relative humidity:0.54%RH ... 0.69%RH
Space calibration Temperature:0.24°C ... 0.77°C;Relative humidity:0.55%RH ... 2.2%RH