Pressure Standard Calibration Laboratory

Pressure Standard Calibration Laboratory

ILAC|TAF (ISO/IEC 17025) Accredited No. 3032


■ Features

● Relative pressure:10 kPa ... 7000 kPa;Smallest Uncertainty:1.0 kPa ... 8 kPa
    Absolute pressure:20 kPa ... 170 kPa;Smallest Uncertainty:0.11 kPa
● Low uncertainty, quickly repeat testing, suitable for calibration of the pressure transmitter

■ Pressure Calibration Condition

● Type:Analog, digital pressure transmitter connected with the thread, not included pointer types.

● Suggestions
1. Customers are advised to calibrate with own Instrumentation/Meter/Indicator.
2. General air is used as medium, to avoid contamination of laboratory equipment, please clean the instrument before calibration.
3. No calibration product was used in oil or corrosive gas environment.

■ Calibration system architecture diagram

Pressure Standard Calibration Laboratory
■ Accredited capabilities

Working standard
Additel ADT 681 Digital pressure transmitter
Wika Laboratory grade pressure transmitter
Scope of accreditation
Relative pressure:10 kPa ... 7000 kPa
Absolute pressure:20 kPa ... 170 kPa

Smallest Uncertainty
Relative pressure:1.0 kPa ... 8 kPa
Absolute pressure:0.11 kPa