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Measuring Specialist from Taiwan - YUDEN-TECH CO.,LTD.


In the early stage, we mainly acted as an import agent and introduced international famous brands. In the field of precision instrument measurement, we accompanied the Taiwan manufacturing industry to improve the efficiency of manufacturing process and the safety of working environment. With many years of sales experience and expertise, we passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification in 2009, and then invested in the R&D and manufacturing of our own brand eYc. 

In 2013, we cooperated with Industrial Technology Research Institute to set up the calibration laboratory. The powerful professional technology enabled YUDEN-TECH to obtain the TAF certification for temperature and humidity/dew point (ISO IEC 17025). In 2018, we added the laboratory of gas, flow, pressure and wind speed. 
Over the years, we have set up service centers in Taiwan and China with the goal of serving various industries. Product diversity includes temperature and humidity/dew point/flow/air velocity/gas/pressure/signal transmitter and measuring instruments. Product application industry is quite extensive, covering food, clothing, housing, travel a variety of people's livelihood and light (heavy) industrial industry. With our own brand "eYc", our products are designed to conform to the international trend of HIOT/CIOT/IIOT products. With our independent R&D team of soft (hard) body and profound technical background and knowledge, we are able to meet the customized needs of customers. We have crossed the globe and become the designated cooperative manufacturer of international brand and OEM. YUDEN-TECH has become the largest instrument sensor manufacturer in Taiwan.

Yuden milestons

Calibration laboratory and testing system

All kinds of transmitter professional manufacturing and
core calibration technology

Exquisite quality and various safety regulations certification

Strong R&D team and professional technology

Profound industrial background and broad sales channels

      Programmable intelligent user interface
Quality after-sales service     
OEM/ODM support global partners

●Temperature/Humidity/Dew point series
| Transmitter | Switch | Explosion-proof industrial type | Thermocouple (RTD) |

●Air velocity/Air volume /Flow series
| Transmitter | Switch | Average wind speed measuring tube | S type pitot tube |

●Pressure/Differential pressure/Level series
| Transmitter |

●Gas/Air quality/CO/CO2 / PM2.5 series
| Detector (monitor) | Transmitter |

●Signal/Instrument series
| Display | Converter | Monitor | Display transmitter |
| Communication converter | Multi-function display |