Temp. Standard Calibration Laboratory

Temp. Standard Calibration Laboratory

ILAC|TAF (ISO/IEC 17025) Accredited No. 3032


■ Features

● Resistance thermometer:-40°C … +300°C;Smallest uncertainty:0.029°C ... 0.070°C
● Thermocouple thermometer:-20°C … +300°C;Smallest uncertainty:0.23°C ... 0.088°C
● Check mechanism by precision and stable Fluke system
● Low uncertainty, repeat testing quickly, suitable for all kinds of resistance and thermocouple thermometers

■ Temperature Calibration Condition

● With display
● Limited style: Probe type, 1/2 ' thread or less, No flange
● Length specification: at least 10 cm (without thread)
● Outer diameter of measuring rod: φ12 mm or less
● The outer diameter of the body: φ34 mm or less
● Use a sink below 20°C, The temperature sensor chip must not be exposed, No water can enter the coating


Customers are advised to calibrate with own Instrumentation/Meter/Indicator.
* For all the above items, the non-eYc products must be accompanied by the instrument operating manual.

■ Calibration system architecture diagram

Temp. Standard Calibration Laboratory

■ Accredited capabilities

Resistance thermometer
Thermocouple thermometer
Working standard
standard platinum thermometer
standard platinum thermometer
Scope of Accreditation
-40°C ... +300°C
-20°C ... +300°C
Smallest Uncertainty
0.029°C ... 0.070°C
0.23°C ... 0.88°C