For continuous level measurement of liquid and bulk-solid materials

Direct mounting into containers, silos, basins, vessels, reservoirs, etc.

Easy and quick connecting by connector

Continuous adjustment of initial capacity

Current (4 ... 20 mA) or voltage (0 ... 10 V) output

Removable electronic module

Material of housing and rod electrodes from stainless steel

Xi, XiT versions for usage in explosive areas

Capacitive level meters CLM® are designed for continuous level measurement of liquids, powders and bulk-solid materials in vessels, tanks, sumps, containers, silos, etc. CLM consists of the stainless steel housing with electronic module and the measuring electrode. The electronic part converts the capacity into the current signal (4 ... 20 mA) or voltage signal (0 ... 10 V). Sensitivity (SPAN) and initial capacity compensation (ZERO) can be fluently set. Level meters are produced in the following performances: N – for non-explosive areas, NT – high temperature for non-explosive areas, Xi – Explosion proof – intrinsically safe for hazardous (explosive) areas and XiT - high-temperature conf. for explosive environments. CLM are offered in variants with various types of process connection (thread, Tri-clamp).