• eYc PMD330 Differential Pressure Transmitterr (Indoor)

eYc PMD330 Differential Pressure Transmitter (Indoor)

Feature:Silicon chips on differential pressure module of MEMS integration technology
Input:Piezoelectric differential pressure module
Output:4 ... 20 mA / 0 ... 10 V
Measuring range:±50 ... ±10000 pa
Accuracy:±2.0% of F.S.
Model : eYc PMD330

● Silicon chips on differential pressure module of MEMS integration technology
● Offset function / UI software
● Low-pressure monitoring, high pressure resistance
● RS-485 communication interface(Optional), Modbus RTU protocol
● Physical unit switch(User Interface):mbar / Pa / hPa / kPa / mmH2O / mmWS / inH2O / mmHg
● Square root function

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Input type:Piezoelectric differential pressure module
Measuring range:±50 ... ±10000 pa
Output:4 ... 20 mA / 0 ... 10 V
Signal connection:3-wire
Accuracy(at 25°C):±2.0% of F.S.
Measuring medium:Air
Operating temperature:0 ... 50°C
Operating humidity:0 ... 95%(Non-condensing)
Storage temperature:-20 ... +60°C
Power supply:AC 24 V ±10% / DC 24 V ±10%
IP rating:IP65
Housing:PC fire-proof class(PC-110)(UL94V-2)

*Please make sure the product and the device which connect with RS485 are on common ground, avoid damaged product.

The specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice and any user of said specifications should verify from the manufacturer that the specifications are currently in effect.
Otherwise, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the use of specifications which may have been changed and are no longer in effect.

Option list
Aluminum rail type fixed board for wall type
L board fixed board for wall type
M12 Waterproof, Length:2 m

Monitor differential pressure of cleanroom / Hospital / Air duct / Filter environment and monitor air flow