• HUBA 520 IO-Link Pressure sensor

HUBA 520 IO-Link Pressure sensor

Model : HUBA 520

The pressure transmitter Type 520 for industrial applications impresses with its compact and robust design as well as high accuracy and reliability. The hermetically welded stainless steel sensor offers very high overpressure safety and is suitable for use in gases, liquids, and all common refrigerants including ammonia. Huba Control offers with the Type 520 a universally applicable pressure transmitter with IO-Link communication technology. IO-Link is a standardized, digital point-to-point connection that allows the user to easily wire the unit and access a wide range of specific devices and process data. IO-Link offers numerous possibilities for device diagnostics, allowing the status of the pressure transmitter to be continuously monitored. This makes the 520 IO-Link the ideal pressure transmitter for your Industry 4.0 application.