• RH Systems 373 Dew Point Mirror

RH Systems 373 Dew Point Mirror

Model : RH Systems 373

The 373 Dew Point Mirror is a precision hygrometer exploiting advances in digital technology to satisfy the highest requirements in the measurement of humidity. As a true laboratory reference instrument, the 373 relies on proven optically detected chilled mirror techniques.
The 373 is available in a number of different models including: 373LHX, 373LX, 373L, 373S3, 373S, 373H, and 373HX.See attachments

Graphic Display/Digital Measurement and Control of Mirror Temperature
Automatic Dew/Frost Determination/Optimum Response Injection System (ORIS)
Programmable Outputs/Bi-directional RS-232
High Precision/Fast Response
Wide Measuring Range/Laboratory Reference
Touch Screen/Full Color High Resolution LCD