• RH Systems G3 Frost Point Generator

RH Systems G3 Frost Point Generator

Model : RH Systems G3

The G3 is a low humidity generator that encapsulates essential tubing, pressure regulator, flow regulator, and saturator within a sealed vacuum chamber. Use of the vacuum chamber eliminates atmospheric water vapor permeation and the need for thermal insulation materials in and around thermally controlled components. Additionally, Stirling cryo-coolers (more accurately Free-Piston Stirling Coolers) are used to cool the saturator.

With these improvements over conventional designs, the G3 has better accuracy and performance at low humidity due to reduced permeation effects, improved thermal insulation and control, faster cool down characteristics, and better maintenance access

● Ultra-low -120 fp°C ... +10dp°C
● Vacuum insulated/isolated saturator and control valves
● Universal power input, AC100 ... 240 V, 5 ... 060 Hz
● Hybrid two-temperature, two-pressure principle
● Dual CFC-free Cryocoolers
● 1 to 3 independent flow controlled outputs