• Schmidt SS 20.415 Flow Sensor

Schmidt SS 20.415 Flow Sensor

Model : Schmidt SS 20.415

Thermal flow sensor for the measurement in one or two directions of the flow velocity of air and gases with simultaneous detection of the flow direction. Extremely compact because electronics are integrated into the sensor tube. Sensor element located in the chamber head and protected against mechanical load. Linear analog output to indicate the measurement values, two switching outputs to output the flow direction and the signal of the threshold value. Can be configured on-site via an integrated RS232 interface by means of a programming kit for Windows PC's. Special version for laminar flow monitoring in clean rooms with a quick mounting technique for easy installation in cleanroom ceiling systems and cleanroom walls.


Application examples


Laminar-flow monitoring in cleanrooms

Flow monitoring in the production of pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, foodstuffs, LCD and optical products

Integrating into insulators, filter-fan-units and flow boxes

Product advantages


Design according to GMP

For disinfection with alcohols and H2O2

High precision

A quick mounting technique suitable for current ceiling systems

Two switching outputs for direction and threshold value

With detection of the direction

With self-monitoring