• CARLO M18/M30 Capacitive sensors series

CARLO M18/M30 Capacitive sensors series

Output:NPN / PNP
Sensing distance:0 ... 12 mm / 0 ... 25 mm
Adjustable distance:2 ... 15 mm / 2 ... 30 mm
Rated operational voltage:10 ... 40 V DC(ripple included)
Ambient temperature:Operating -30 ... +85℃ / Storage -40 ... +85℃
Degree of protection:IP67 / IP68 / IP69K(IEC 60529;60942-1)
Model : CARLO CA18 / CA30

Carlo Gavazzi is renowned for the TRIPLESHIELDTM capacitive proximity sensors with an outstanding electromagnetic immunity. Now, the bar has been raised. The new series of CA18 and CA30 CAN/CAF capacitive proximity DC sensors features several significant upgrades including superior electromagnetic immunity and refined sensitivity adjustment with stability indication. The sensors come in flush or non-flush, cable or plug versions, with NPN or PNP output types and NO and/or NC output functions. They are available with a dust or temperature alarm function. Featuring an ECOLAB certified sensor housing rated to IP69K standard, these sensors are exceptionally well suited for reliable detection in environments subject to high temperatures, harsh chemicals, steam and high-pressure cleaning.

The CA18 and CA30 CAN/CAF sensors are ideal for a wide
range of applications that require dependable measurements
or monitoring of solid material or fluids.

Maximum EMC performance
Carlo Gavazzi’s innovative 4th generation TRIPLESHIELDTM technology has taken the concept of electromagnetic immunity to new heights! These sensors withstand larger amounts of electrostatic disturbances such as airborne noise (e.g. cellular phones), wire conducted noise (e.g. frequency drives), surge (lightnings), electrostatic discharge, burst (contact noise) or interference from magnetic fields (such as welding transformers).

IP69K - top class protection
Tested according to the strictest protection ratings, the CA18 and CA 30 CAN/CAF sensors have proven able to withstand steam and high-pressure cleaning without suffering any damaging effects in appearance and function.

ECOLAB certified
Being resistant to aggressive cleansing agents and disinfecting chemicals, the CA18 and CA30 CAN/CAF sensors operate impeccably in applications requiring high hygienic standards.

Enhanced sensing overhead
In order to achieve a considerably better stability, the sensing range has been improved by 20 - 25% allowing room for additional stable detection.

Improved dust and humidity compensation
An improved ability to compensate for dust build-up and humidity makes the CA18 and CA30 CAN/CAF sensors very well suited for a wide variety of applications.

CE (EN60947-5-2)
cULus (UL508)
ECOLAB certified