eYc Temperature & Humidity Transmitter VS. Dew Point Transmitter Comparison Chart

eYc Temperature & Humidity Transmitter VS. Dew Point Transmitter Comparison Chart

If we talk about environmental control, the gas temperature and humidity is the first thing we must handle, but in low-humidity conditions, a high accuracy dew point transmitter is required for measurement. Therefore, Under different environmental conditions it is extremely important to choose a suitable transmitter.

 "Such as eYc THM80X Series Industrial  Grade High Accuracy Temperature & Humidity Transmitter、eYc THM86/87 Industrial Multifunction Dew Point Transmitter、eYc THM06 Industrial High Temperature Multi-function Dew Point Transmitter :

THM80X Series with capable of temperature compensation, linear calibration of temperature & humidity by computer, measure high accuracy Temp. & humidity, response quickly, the sensor can work well after temporary condensation, long term stable in high humidity environment

THM86/87 with capable of temperature compensation, physical quantity & temperature  linear calibration output by computer program, industrial  sensor comes with high accuracy, long-term stability, and anti-condensation function

THM06 adaptation to high temperature and high humidity conditions or harsh environments such as chemical pollution & condensation, capacitive sensor, high accuracy of temperature, and humidity measurement, fast response, fast recovery after condensation. It is stability even in long-term high humidity, also it has temperature compensation and  linear calibration for temperature and humidity.

● The above transmitters housing are made of aluminum or stainless steel, which is more suitable for monitoring for industrial process."

eYc Temperature & Humidity Transmitter VS. Dew Point Transmitter