Tips for choosing a signal display transmitter

Tips for choosing a signal display transmitter

eYc has a variety of signal display transmitters. In order to enable you to choose the display transmitter that best meets your needs, we have listed three types of technology overview comparison tables to help you find the right display transmitter faster.

Take eYc SD06-T Industrial Grade Integrated Indicator Temperature Transmitter, eYc SD03 Integrated Indicator Transmitter Series, eYc SD05 Integrated Signal Indicator as examples::

SD05 and SD03 can be arbitrarily matched with a 2-wire sensor for monitoring, and the output is 4 ... 20 mA.

SD05 330° turntable; the direction of the panel is changeable; good monitoring angle without blind corner; SD06-T is an aluminum alloy fixed meter display transmitter; It is suitable for sheltered outdoor. The new generation of functional display and eYc transmitter make a perfect match and integration, which makes the function improved again. After multiple verifications, the sensor is more sensitive, and it can directly display the set physical quantity range. In addition, the SD03 and SD06 are made with the same aluminum alloy material, which is more suitable for industrial fields because of its light weight, high strength, high corrosion-resistance and shock-resistance.

Application of SD06-T : Industrial process control / Laboratory systems / Compressor / Chemical industry / Petrochemical industry

Application of SD05: With extensive applications as process monitoring in semiconductor industry, steel industry, chemical industry, environmental engineering, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, water plants, power plants, research and development, etc.

Application of SD03: Semiconductor Industry / Steel Industry / Chemical Industry / Environmental engineering/ Food / Pharmaceutical / Water Plant / Power Plant / R&D Testing

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